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3 Cloud Server Platform are Best for You

Developing website needs many things. It is not just about good developers to work with, but there should also be good cloud server to support website’s performance. In this case, there are some factors that affect the quality. Space, bandwidth, CPU and RAM are some important points that will affect the performance of server. Moreover, there have been many platform providers that will provide access and features, including hardware. As client, people only need to choose the best company to work with and these are some good recommendations.

Some Recommendations of Cloud Server Platform

Well, there are many providers and company providing platforms of cloud server. To help in choosing, there are some recommendations to choose based on hardware and features offered by them. Shortly, these are some references for you.

  1. HostGator

One of the great things about this platform is about the options of scale and plans. For example, the starter plan can provide up to 2GB of RAM with 2-cores CPU. In addition, this plan is about the unmetered bandwidth. This can imply that there is not clear limit about the quota of bandwidth, so it is quite flexible to use.

For the best choice, there is server plan for large-scale of business. This will provide client with six-cores CPU with 6GB of RAM. Moreover, there are unlimited domains to work with and it is still supported by private SSL with the great dedicated IP. With these features, of course the server can run well and the personalization is much easier to do. If it is still not enough, it is also possible to add more storage, such as for its RAM and other things, so this plan still can be managed based on client’s need.

  1. 1&1

This provider is the next recommendation. There are many ranges of server plan in this company. Yes, it is good point to consider. Clients will be able to find the best plan based on what they need for websites. For example, starter plan provides single core CPU and 1GB of RAM. For storage, there is 50GB to use. Then, the big plan is able to give 16-cores CPU with 48GB RAM. This is supported by storage up to 500GB. With these specifications, of course it must be large-scale of business since 16-cores CPU can work extremely fast.

Then, all plans will have some interesting features. For example, there is access for unlimited account of emails and traffic. There is no problem with many accounts to manage. The provider also provides choice of data center, and there are US and European center to choose.


This can be third recommendation to choose. There are five various plans of server, and this will not make clients confused to choose. Each plan has got some details of specification for hardware, so it is very possible to find the most suitable one. Moreover, all servers have got personal server. Therefore, it is dedicated only for single client and there is no shared space of server.

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