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SmarterMail Enterprise 15.4 Features

Working with team or other people require good coordination. In this case, there have been many kinds of software to choose to create better teamwork. Of course, the software must have some features enabling all members to have access to share the files and other information easily. There should be access to have chat and storages that can be used together. Well, SmarterMail Enterprise is one of those applications to choose. In the SmarterMail Enterprise 15.4, there are some interesting features that will help all members of team to have better coordination and teamwork.

Interesting Information about SmarterMail Enterprise 15.4 features

It is true that there are many features offered by SmarterMail Enterprise 15.4. In this one and the other newer versions, there have been some useful things to use in working with teams. These will make everyone communicate easily. Related to the features, these are some of them.

  1. Webmail client

The first feature is about webmail. This will enable all users to have access to the email and other information attached there, such as calendars and contacts. In this case, the fast access is offered and users can easily open the email and other information from PC or even mobile browser. As long as there is internet connection and account to login, the information can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

  1. Group chat

For coordination, the access to have chatting platform is needed. Fortunately, SmarterMail Enterprise 15.4 provides the platform. The group chat is offered and this can handle for many members. Even, 200 members can have a room for chat and this will allow them to have fast and easy access for chatting and discussion.

  1. Workspace

This feature is great to provide space for all parties. This is not just limited to the members of certain groups or team. When there are clients or customers, they can also be invited into the workspace. It is actually different from the group chat because it has larger scale and more features. Of course, there is real-time chat and this can be in a form of texts and video. Moreover, the access for file sharing is also provided.

  1. Easy synchronization

This feature is useful for those who have many devices. SmarterMail Enterprise provides easier and faster access to do synchronization. This is not limited to the PCs or laptops, but it can work for gadgets. The synchronization supports all Operating System, starting from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Operating System. With this, shared data and other features can be accessed easily.

Those are the interesting features offered in SmarterMail Enterprise 15.4. With these facilities, working can be more efficient and coordination can be done easily and quickly. There will be less obstacles since all accesses are provided. Data and other files can also be shared easily and the workspace is also available. Therefore, teamwork will never become problems. Moreover, there is access for synchronization, so things can be accessed from many devices. Surely, this platform can be great solution for working with teams.

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