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Cloud Server over Dedicated Server

Cloud server is a combination of computer and internet-based network. It is used to manage the data, and this server utilizes internet as the main server. It makes the process of data-managing simpler than before. Additionally, you do not have to use external storage devices, such as CD, DVD, and flash disk because cloud server usually has a big storage capacity. The data can be accessed through the server’s software. On the other hand, dedicated server is used to organize the data of a website. As the name explains, the features and programs available in dedicated server are utilized by one user only. As we know, dedicated server provides total control for your website. Both servers are beneficial for developing your business’ website. However, which server is better for your business’ website?

Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server: the Epic Battle

  1. Server’s performance

    First of all, let’s talk about the performance of each server. In accessing the data, dedicated server offers an impressive speed in processing data. On the contrary, the data that accessed with cloud server must pass the Server Area Network. After passing the SAN, the request must pass the hypervisor as well.
    As the name says, dedicated server gives a maximum dedication to one site hosting only. Meanwhile, cloud is a shared hosting system. The shared system somehow can decrease the website’s performance, especially when another tenant uses the same network as yours.
  2. Server’s capacity

    Now, let’s jump to the capacity of both servers. Compared to dedicated server, the storage in cloud server can be expanded easily. In addition, you don’t have to experience downtime every time you want to expand cloud storage. Unlike cloud server, dedicated server needs extra time and support to expand the storage. Moreover, the downtime in changing processors is inevitable. Besides, dedicated server demands association with other servers.
  3. Server’s management

    Next, we will compare the management of both servers. Dedicated server needs another party to monitor the hardware. Then, it requires some people who are experts in server’s administration. In short, these experts play an important role in keeping the server from having a downtime. On contrary, cloud server is easier to access by the users. The process of administration is even faster. You don’t have to hire some expertise in maintaining cloud server.
  4. Budget

    The last thing is in term of budget. Cloud server is more affordable than dedicated server. As mentioned above, cloud server is a shared one, so you don’t have to pay much to rent it. Yes, you only pay for the space that you use. Then, cloud server doesn’t cost many pennies in maintaining the performance. However, dedicated server requires expertise in IT and technicians to maintain and upgrade it. Later on, dedicated server needs certain amount of money to pay the hardware as well.

From what mentioned above, cloud server is more beneficial for your company’s site. It offers prominent features to improve the business’ site. In addition, it is easy to be operated and has an affordable price.

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