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Finding Best Cloud Server

Have you ever heard of Cloud Server? This term refers to virtual server that works in a environment. It features the cloud computing process. A cloud computing platform constructs, transmits, and arranges this server via internet. It can be accessed from far away. It also has all the needed software to proceed and can work as independent units. The cloud server helps you to remove any software problems then give stability and reassurance for your business. That’s why you need it, but you have to choose cloud server carefully to get the best service.

SeekDotNet as the Best Cloud Server for You offers a cloud hosting with affordable price, ranging from $1.99/month. It has a dedicated cloud server which provides the service for installing much software, varied within many kinds of server, such as Windows Server 2012, 2016, Linux, CentOs7, CentOs 6. It also has unlimited websites, databases, and dedicated resources. The plan supports windows, completed by full remote desktop access, plesk, and control panel. On the other side, it has root access if you use Linux. All the plans include unlimited mySQL, FTP users, and MSSQL, equipped with free 24/7 live chat and unlimited number of websites.

SeekDotNet serves you with reliable, scalability, self-healing, and quick setup services. The site allows you to accustom your needs, choose the best match in terms of disk space and RAM. There are many other settings that can be adjusted to your favor; even you can make unique necessity. This kind of service is perfect for business and e-commerce or even an individual website. One reason is because SeekDotNet Cloud Hosting supports great size of bandwidth and assures your data security with relatively low costs.

Moreover, it allows you to have root access with cloud server, and you can even install software from another third party. It has service for additional software incorporated to the monthly cost. There are many options of cloud server plans: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Each has different capacity and service regarding some features like CPU, Memory of the RAM, IP Address, Bandwidth, Storage (SSD), IPv4, IPv6. The differentiating factors also applied to the kind of operating system.

Bronze Plans features 1 core CPU, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB Storage, 1000GB/month bandwidth, 1 IP address for $18.90 per month. Meanwhile, Silver plan costs $41.90/month and provides CPU 2 Core, RAM 2 GB Memory, 80 GB storage, 2000 GB/month bandwidth, 1 IP Address. For Gold plan, it has 2 cores, 4 GB Memory, 100 GB Storage, bandwidth 5000GB/month, and 2 IP Address for $59.90. The Platinum plan costs $129.90 and gives 4 cores, RAM 8 GB, 160 GB storage, 6000 GB monthly bandwidth, and 2 IP address.

The highest price is the Diamond plan that charges $249.90 with facilities like 8 cores CPU, 16 GB RAM, 200 GB storage, 7000 GB bandwidth per month, and 2 IP Address. All of plans provide identical details specification, like 24/7 Live support, Websites (Domains), Email account, IPv4 feature, and FTP accounts.

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