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Between Sitecore and Orchard CMS

Internet technology advances significantly in past few years. Everyone can develop website without prior knowledge in programming language. There is an app called CMS or content management system with capability to develop website and manage its content properly. CMS platform has many types, mostly open source and proprietary product. The examples of CMS are Sitecore and Orchard CMS that have different platform, but the same functionality. Which one is better? To answer this question, you should read the following section.

Sitecore and Orchard CMS: Which One Is Better?

Sitecore is platform to integrate CMS and marketing. It is proprietary service where clients pay based on what they use. The service is varied, such as cloud server, hosting, marketing network, e-commerce, and database management. In this article, the focus discussion is CMS platform that Sitecore provides for clients.

In general, you need to register to obtain Sitecore then have access to platform you want. There is trial and demo version to learn before you are ready to adopt it. Sitecore CS has several features as the factors why clients choose it. Platform utilizes integrated network that serve as marketing system to let clients develop their own website for commerce. This is primary service that only Sitecore has due to professional support.

Well, static website is no longer capable to support today needs. Company wants dynamic website with many tools, such as multimedia, streaming, attractive advertisement, social media, forum, kiosk, virtual reality, and payment. Those needs are what Sitecore can do because multichannel feature helps to expand website into different style. Moreover, personalization means easy to adjust with recent and future needs. Digital era has fast changing period. This feature helps to recognize and analyze visitor, viewer, and traffic. From data, clients changes text, content, media, and do other personalization process.

Then, what is Orchard CMS? It is open source CMS and you can install for free. Orchard is developed as open source, which mean users can expand and change anytime. As CMS, the features include multimedia management, security, modular, workflow, and multilingual. You can use Orchard in your own language. This is something that proprietary cannot do. With community-based development, Orchard has more flexibility.

Modular is feature to change and adapt website into different style. You can create your own social media using particular modular. To edit content, there is simple menu that user only need to do one or two steps. If you need new one, choose from various sources with no cost at all.

Sitecore and Orchard CMS have pros and cons. If you like free CMS with more flexibility, Orchard is the top choice. On the other hand, Sitecore is service with the price that clients have to pay to obtain the product. In term of flexibility, both have the same level as Orchard depends on community and Sitecore relies on technical development in the company. Each platform helps you to build website for social media, marketing, news sharing, personal blog, e-commerce, and marketplace. Most importantly, hosting provider has support for both platforms if you intend to install on their server.

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