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Want to Build Website? Buy Web Hosting First!

Web hosting or hosting is like an office on the web. It has function to store and displays files to site visitors. Web hosting provider usually assures that your website loads fast without going down.

If you are planning to build a website, you are reading a right article. Building website needs some important things that you should prepare such as domain name and web hosting. Without both of them, you are not going to have an accessible website. Why is it important to buy hosting before building website? It is because hosting is needed to accommodate and deliver data to the internet users. So, what should it be after buying hosting? Keep on reading.

What to do After Buying Hosting

If you are a beginner in web hosting, you might be confused about what steps to take after buying hosting. Meanwhile, you have already paid, made design, and then, what else? Maybe the questions are like – “what should I do with my domain?”, “how can get to my hosting?”, “how to install WordPress in hosting?”, and “what can I do to make my website works?” To answer those questions, it is important to do these steps:

  1. Check Your Email

It is not joking. This is really important first step to take because once you purchased hosting from any provider; they usually send you notification about hosting account and client area account. All of them will be sent by email. Though each hosting provider may deliver this information in different format, at least there will be 3 kinds of information you will get. With this information, you can get into hosting panel.

  1. Login to The Client’s Area

The next step after buying hosting is login to the client’s or provider’s area where you purchased domain and hosting. In the page of client’s area, you can get information about billing and cPanel Hosting. Make sure you check your username and password to get into your cPanel hosting.

  1. Get to Your cPanel Hosting

The next step is getting to cPanel Hosting. cPanel is a software for managing your hosting server with easy interface from your internet browser. In this step, you will start managing your website like managing an email with custom domain, making website using auto installer, or arranging folder position in server. If you are going to use WordPress, just install it immediately using auto installer like Fantastico de Luxe, QuickInstall, and Softaculous. It is quite easy and quick.

  1. Get Your Website Online

Once you installed WordPress in hosting, you can start running your website. If you have developed your website in local host, then you can upload website file to hosting. By purchasing hosting, you can easily build your website based on your need. It is not only WordPress, but also some popular scripts such as Pretashop, Joomla, Magento, and much more. The key of developing your website is creating unique content. Keep improving it to get maximum traffic. Finally, congratulation now you get your website online.

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