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Why Choose Cloud Server?

For making a blog, there are two options that you choose, using a classic hosting or using a cloud hosting technology. This is the first step that you have to choose. In fact, many people are now choosing to use the second option or the cloud hosting technology. However, now the answer is that why we have to choose the cloud server hosting technology? Below we will try to answer that question.

Before knowing all the benefits of cloud server, it is better for us to understand first about the definition of cloud server hosting technology. Cloud server is a technology that uses cloud or in this case is internet as its server that becomes the center of whole storage and data management that are needed by the users. According to this explanation, we can conclude that there are many kinds of benefits that we can get from Cloud Server. Those benefits are:

  • The data storage will be kept on the internet centrally
  • There is more guarantee for data security with the services that are given by the related companies
  • Services can be accessed at everywhere and anytime as long as the computer has an access to connect to the internet.
  • If we used the cloud server service, we don’t need to do some management or maintenance likes what we have to do on the other physical server. It is because the whole data that we have had already kept virtually and it can be accessed through the Internet.
  • Cloud server can divide some resources like RAM and processor to all users in the same amount. A website client will be not felt heavy when there was a user that always uses a resource.
  • Cloud server hosting is also built from a lot of nodes or dedicated servers. If there was a server who had a problem, the other normal server will replace the broken one in a quick time. This technology is usually called the “Auto Healing network”.
  • Cloud server can shortened the down time as the impact when a system fixed a problem or in the other words we can say that as the impact of Auto Healing Network. Usually, this process just need a few time.
  • The other benefit by using the cloud server is that this cloud server technology is claimed can give 10 times faster system than the classic hosting.

Those are the definition and some explanations about the benefits of using cloud server. We could say that cloud server comes and brings a lot of benefits and better features for us. Those benefits are now making a lot of people prefer to choose the cloud server hosting than the usual classic hosting. Besides that, they also said that the hosting migration process of this cloud server is also really easy because the cloud server provider will be willing to help the users until all the process are finished.

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