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Which one is better: Cloud Hosting or Shared Hosting?

Hosting can be divided into many types; two of them are the shared hosting and cloud hosting. It is for sure that these hosting are different between one and the other. Below, we will share about the differences between shared hosting and cloud hosting, so that you can choose which one is better.

Shared Hosting Definition and Review

We will start by understanding about the definition first. Shared hosting is a service that is used in a same server. In the other words we can say that all the resources, CPU, Hardware and Software usages are used together by hundred or even thousand users. There are many benefits of using shared hosting. One of those benefits is from the cost, because share hosting is really affordable. The other plus value from this hosting is that all the security aspects are managed by the hosting server. However, shared hosting is also having some deficiencies. One of those deficiencies is that sometime this hosting is slow.

Cloud Hosting Definition and Review

Cloud hosting is the new hosting technology that is made based on the cloud computing technology. Cloud hosting is a technology that uses cloud or in this case is internet as its server that becomes the center of whole storage and data management that are needed by the users. Cloud hosting wills possibly its users to develop their website horizontally and vertically in easy way and at anytime and anywhere. Some benefits of cloud hosting are:

  • For horizontal scaling, users are being able to develop the server series by adding some servers that are aimed to handle the traffic problems on website
  • For vertical scaling, users can add some resources like RAM or adding the disk capacity to server that users have to add the performance so that it can handle the increased workload. So, it will not take a long time or we can call it
  • The other advantages that users can have are reliability, massive capacity, dedicated resource, and no single point of failure, high efficiency and enhanced security.

Although cloud hosting has many benefits, cloud hosting also has some deficiencies. However, many users said that the deficiency is not too much. The most common deficiency that was found is the CPU limitation when the blog was busy. Many users said that it still normal and it was not disturb them. A way to solve that problem is by adding the capacity by upgrading it. This is essential for you who have a busy website.

Those are the explanation that we can share about shared hosting and cloud hosting. Both of them have their own benefits and deficiencies. However, from the explanations, references and facts that we can find, it is clearer that cloud hosting as the newest hosting technology seemed to be better hosting than the shared hosting.

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