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Cloud Server for the New Way to Host your Site

For some people, cloud server or cloud computing is maybe still a strange thing. However, the existence of cloud server on this digital era is clearer and we can see it in our daily activities like the usage of email and social media. In common, the definition of cloud computing or cloud server is the combination between the technologies of computer in a network with the development with internet basis (cloud) that has a function to run a program or application through computers that are connected at the same time, but not all of these computers are connected through the internet use cloud server.

In the other words we can say that this computer technology that bases on cloud system is a technology that will place internet as the central server for cultivating the data and users’ applications. This technology will permit its users for running the program without any installation and allow users for accessing their private data through the computer by using internet. We already described about the benefits of cloud server, so that we will not talk about that again on this time. However, we will describe the system of cloud server and how it works so that it can be the new way to host your site.

How Cloud Server Works

The cloud system works by using internet as a server in managing the data. This system wills possibly its users for login to internet that is connected to a program for running the needed applications without using any installation process. Infrastructure like data media storage and instruction from users will be kept virtually through the internet network in which then those instructions will be continued to the application servers. After the instructions are accepted by the application server, data will be processed and at the final process, users will be served with a renewed page based on the instructions that are accepted before so that consumers can get the benefits.

The examples are through some usages like email, yahoo or Gmail. Data at some servers will be integrated globally without needing to download the software for using it. Users just need an internet connection and all the data are managed directly by Google and Yahoo as well. Software and data memory that is owned by users are not existed in computer but it is integrated straightly through the cloud system using a computer that is connected to internet.

Besides of those simple systems, cloud server is also having many benefits that the users can get. Some of those benefits are:

  • All data will be kept centrally in the server center
  • Cloud server is also more secure than the classic hosting
  • High flexibility and scalability
  • Cloud server is suitable for long term infestation

Those are some explanations why you we have to consider in using cloud sever as the new way to host our site. We hope that this article will be beneficial, especially for you who are looking for the information about cloud server.

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